How to Write a Dissertation Step by Step

If you have chosen the topic of the dissertation, it is better to start the work as soon as possible. A dissertation is a detailed paper on a particular topic and requires immense research and writing work. Also, there are various components of the dissertation, that have to be delicately looked at, when writing a dissertation.

Moreover, completing a dissertation requires months of hard work and consistency. So, if you know your topic, go through this dissertation guide to know the exact structure of a dissertation and start your work immediately.

#1 Follow the 5 steps of a dissertation writing process

A dissertation consists of five major components. Thus you need to plan your writing process according to these components.

They are:

  • Introduction or Abstract
  • Review of Literature
  • Research Methods
  • Results of Research
  • Conclusion

Apart from the above components, you may be needed to include a bibliography of all the materials that you have used for writing the dissertation. Basically, here you need to mention the sources of your research.

#2 Plan a dissertation writing schedule

Now that you know the topic and the components that make up a dissertation, it’s time to plan a schedule. You really need to stick to the schedule if you do not want a last-minute rush to mess up your dissertation.

Now, the above components too have different components within themselves. So you need to design them accordingly.

For example, there has to be a title page, acknowledgments, table of contents, and more. Thus, make a rough outline and dedicate the number of days to each one accordingly.

Ensure that you do not rush into anything while completing a dissertation. Like you may think a table of contents can be designed in one day, but no, a table of contents may require more planning than you think. Moreover, the TOC keeps on changing as you research and write your thesis.

So, just try to dedicate more than the desired days to each component. Your number of days should also constitute the research work that you are going to do.

Also, research and write for a week, then take a two-day break from the material, and then review and edit. This gives you ample time to process the information and edit a masterpiece.

#3 Make sure to adhere to the guidelines for the dissertation

There may be a possibility that every university has defined a certain set of rules for a dissertation. But generally, the guidelines are pretty much the same.

But ensure to cross-check with your university for the following guidelines for dissertation.

  • High-quality paper
  • Fonts, Margins, Spacings
  • Language and style
  • Main body writing
  • References and Appendix

Only start writing once you have all the guidelines in place. And ensure to finish the dissertation at least a couple of months before the deadline so you have ample time for revisions.

Remember, you need to follow the guidelines very strictly when it comes to dissertations. A little error may prove to be fatal while submissions. Also, keep your teachers in the loop during the entire thesis writing process. This will save you from re-writing and extra work towards the end.

To conclude,

In the dissertation writing process, procrastination can be your biggest enemy. No matter how strongly you feel to push your daily work, try and overcome the laziness. Because these little hours of productivity will ensure that you have no stress towards the end of the year.

Plus, it has been proved that students who have written a thesis with consistency and dedication have received excellent grades. Additionally, if you need an exact view of how to write the perfect dissertation, try to read samples from your college library to get the best idea. Also, do not refrain to ask for help from your peers and faculty!

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